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JakPod 3.00 released! Small updates - see changelog! (Changelog).

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Monday, 23 February 2009 12:45

Nope, there's nothing to win here and you can't play Poker either...

JakPod is based on Java and allows you to copy music and video files to your iPod. You can also copy files from one iPod to another and create backups to your hard disk. All this happens within a well-arranged user interface, which is similar to what you might have seen using "Total Commander". JakPod also offers the ability to repair or recreate the music database of your iPod.

JakPod started as a small spare time project for private use, because I couldn't find any other tools that fit my needs. A couple of friends convinced me of making JakPod available for the masses... ;-)

Take a look, if you want. It's free!


Download current release (setup for Windows):
File Size: 7,428.76 Kb

Download current release:
File Size: 6,088.79 Kb

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